FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Here you have a list of frequently asked questions regarding the services I provide and their answers.

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How can I become a member in your chat?
You have to follow the rules and return to the chat from time to time and not just get a member status to never come back. If you are comfortable with that, just ask Freyja or one of the moderators to register you. If none of them are around, you can also send me your desired nickname and password via the contact form and I'll add you as soon, as I am online.
Why was my file/link/message/site removed?
You probably didn't obey the rules which are stated on the upload page.
I found an illegal link/file on your site, can you remove it?
Yes, please report it and I will remove it as soon as possible.
What is PGP?
PGP is an encryption standard, that can be used to encrypt or sign emails and files. More info in this Wikipedia article.
I have an idea how to make your site better, can you add feature xyz?
Yes, please contact me and I may add it on my ToDo list. It might take a while until your feature gets added though.
I want to translate your chat script into another language, how can I do this?
Please download the source and copy read the Translate section of the README file.
I heard of red rooms, live murder streams or similar. Are they real?
No, they are just horror stories people commonly tell you. Many people make YouTube videos about the "deep web" and claim there were sites like these. However many scammers jump on the train and create a site where they tell you to pay bitcoins. When you pay the price, they would give you access to a red room or similar. Don't pay, because they simply do not exist.
I heard of the shadow web, marianas web or closed shell network. How can I access them?
You can't, because they do not exist. Some scammers want to sell it to you though. Don't pay because you won't get anyting in return for your money.
Isn't the dark net supposed to be scarry and full of creepy shit? Why can't I find any interesting sites?
No, the tor darknet was created to be able to anonymously browse the internet, circumvent censorship and anonymously host websites. Of course it's not only used for a good cause. There are many phishing sites, scammers and child porn sites. But apart from the fact that you are anonymous, there isn't that much of a difference to the clearnet (normal internet). So most horror stories you have heard about tor are just that, stories.
What's the difference between deep web and darknet?
The deep web is any site that can't be indexed by a search engine, so basically any site where you have to log in or be part of a private network. To access a darknet, it requires special software like tor, i2p or freenet. The darknet is a small part of the deep web.
Can you hold my hands and show me how to learn programming step by step?
Yes, marry me and I might actually do that. But only if you teach me something in return, like for example makeup :) Send me your proposals. Sorry guys, only considering females.

Teaching you programming is a task that will take a long time (years). I've been learning for 10 years and still learn new things all the time. But for the beginning I would recommend reading a beginners introduction book to programming, which can guide you with some simple programs you build yourself and examples. If you prefer watching videos, there are a lot of tutorials on youtube too. But most importantly you will have to take your keyboard and start typing some programs. Start with something simple and keep yourself challenged with new tasks.
- Can you hack my school or university and change my grades, or find someone who would do that?
- Can you give me, or tell me where to reliably get stolen PayPal accounts or credit cards?
- Can you issue fake Covid19 test results?
- Can you do some other illegal things for me?
Yes, I would love to go to prison for you! - Ehm, or rather not. Sorry, can't help you with that.
Can you hack my girlfriend? I think she's cheating.
Yes, I could try. But this is not so easy and might take a very long time to do so. Don't trust the many sites that claim to give you that for $100 or even less, cause they are all scams. This is ethically just wrong and is more likely going to hurt your relationship than helping you. Talk to her, it's the best you can do. If you are at the point of thinking to hire a hacker, you should definitely think about breaking up, because in relationships trusting each others is important, but obviously you can't trust anymore.
Can you open a Daniel's Chat IRC?
Yes, I could. However, an IRC chat is very different from the web chat I provide. Building an API bridge between IRC and the chat is not an easy task. So for the moment the only thing I could do within reasonable time is operating an IRC server, which is however a completely different service and not related to the chat I provide.
I have more Questions.
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