Hello, my name is Daniel and this is my personal onion site, that I develop in my free time. Now also available via my clearnet proxy danwin1210.me (old danwin1210.tk got suspended).

I can't guarantee, that no illegal content gets uploaded here, but I remove such content as soon, as I am aware of it. If you see illegal content here, contact me.

This is just the landing page, you can navigate to the pages that interest you most by clicking on the entries in the navigation bar on the left.

You can download my PHP Chat based on LE-CHAT here (Version 1.23.4 - last updated 23. January) or on GitHub. The onion link list script is now also available for download here or on GitHub.

If you like, what I built here, you can support me by donating via PayPal: d@winzen4.de or Bitcoin: 1CHvjeMJum2Zfd3JEdb35RUEdz1jjQvdPT