Hello, my name is Daniel and this is my personal onion site, that I develop in my free time. This site is available as TOR hidden service, I2P Hidden Service or via my clearnet proxy danwin1210.me.

This is just the landing page, you can navigate to the pages that interest you most by clicking on the entries in the navigation bar on the left.

You can download my PHP Chat based on LE-CHAT on GitHub. The onion link list script is now also available for download on GitHub. The setup I use for hosting is now also available on GitHub

If you like, what I built here, you can support me by donating via PayPal: d@winzen4.de, Monero: 432Z3PTrRso52GHHpmPRpvLhecsnc7EFsVd2TzsCJaNmK4vivDxghRB5yVCj2nzCEGajeF3rBqJ43PcpxRnvZkMs49fufzD , Ethereum: 0x74732C9723831D9528fAB9e24eca863eceDCeFd1 , Dash: XuZGhWsmf61UXTwBB4QBKx7BhirPjiw7yX or Bitcoin: 1CHvjeMJum2Zfd3JEdb35RUEdz1jjQvdPT

Server moving progress:
Move MySQL server (done)
Pre-sync all user files for faster final sync later (done, skipped one large host)
Freeze account creation/deletion (done)
Disable FTP/SSH (done)
Copy system account data (done)
Re-enable account creation/deletion on new system (done)
Move mail system (done)
Move tor instances (done)
Sync in blocks: final sync, re-enable tor on new system (2-7, a-z, done)
Re-enable FTP/SSH on new system (done)
Increase disk size (pending, due to bug in upstream hoster system unable to add more volumes, server shut down for support to investigate, rebooted after 5 hours of no reply from support…)